University Catering that is Environmentally Friendly

University Catering by Sorority Gourmet is all about selection, quality and perfect presentation. Renewability is an ever-present theme in Sorority Gourmet. Our cuisine features the following options for you - just ask about them:

Environmentally friendly University Catering Option: Sustainable menu choices, biodegradable disposables, reusables, zero waste and post consumer composting are integral parts of our culinary service. Ask us how we can help your house be sustainable when hiring.

Sustainable University Catering Menu Choice Option: Sustainable seafood, local produce, baked goods, nuts and olive oil. Fair trade coffee, organic juice, biodynamic wines, free range, organic meats and more! Ask our chefs for details on how we can customize a menu to assure your meal plan is sustainable.

Quality: Sorority Gourmet uses only the highest quality foods in serving its customers. When your house elects to be served by Sorority Gourmet, you can rely on top menus choices, quality food, fresh preparation and five-star, five-diamond service.

Perfect Presentation: Sorority Gourmet University Catering is committed to providing our sorority houses with high-quality and diverse cuisine accompanied with a knowledgeable and innovative approach to the execution of exceptional dining experiences.

Sorority Gourmet University Catering promotes and fosters an environment of continuing confidence and trust to protect our diners and provide their houses with the most current and comprehensive services possible while offering a detail-oriented, solution-focused approach for sustainable in-house dining from the traditional to the sublime.

Sorority Gourmet is committed to providing its sorority houses with an avenue to experience resort-style dining and - at its option, in environmentally friendly style - do so knowing that luxurious dining experiences can be enjoyed in style even while in the comfort of your sorority house or other venue.

University Catering that is Environmentally Friendly:

There are many things to consider when Planning a Zero Waste and/or Sustainable Meal Service for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Planning Choices

  • Choose biodegradable plastic utensils, cups, paper plates and napkins or
  • Choose china since it is re-useable
  • Avoid individually packaged items & order 'bulk' to reduce waste.
  • Ask that recycling & compost containers be available with proper signage to educate everyone (don't forget the compostable garbage bags needed!)
  • If having a china event, ask that the food scraps be composted 'behind the scenes'.
  • Arrange for left-over food to be picked up or delivered to the local food shelter (available for large volume events).

Food Choices

  • Choose Fair Trade Coffee.
  • Choose locally grown & regional foods (e.g. produce, nuts, olive oil, rice etc.).
  • Choose organic and/or free range meats.
  • Choose only sustainable seafood best choices as listed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program.
  • Choose local & biodynamic/organic wines & sustainably brewed beer when possible (exclusively where permitted).
  • Sorority Gourmet University Catering is committed to actively supporting procedures, policies and practices that foster a sustainable Food System.venue.


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